rot,grün,blau,lila,rosa und schwarz

Farben, Buchstaben, Zahlen und Symbole waren Teil des semiologischen Systems zur Identifikation von Gefangenen in Konzentrationslagern. Als Ausdruck einer psychologischen und lexikalischen Gewalt dienten sie zur Überwachung und Identifikation von als Gefährdung des Staates und der Volksgemeinschaft deklarierten Personengruppen. In der Diktion der Nationalsozialisten werden „Politische“, „Berufsverbrecher“, „Emigranten“, „Bibelforscher“, „Homosexuelle“ und „Asoziale“ willkürlich als Feinde… Continua a leggere rot,grün,blau,lila,rosa und schwarz

Ring a ding-ding

Is travelling from home possible? And what can a satellite landscape offer? Imagine if you could send messages and visit places using google earth.Suddenly new images and landscapes are created.The project includes experiments on satellite photographs through the use of negative and textile printing techniques which recreate new landscapes and scenarios for public art and… Continua a leggere Ring a ding-ding


DIMORA.- It is defined as the place where a person, who does not reside permanently, currently lives andremains. Although it is transitory, it implies stopping in a place and staying there (morari). Screenshot from video study project Dimora - exploring the landscape during pandemic

The theatre goes to the countryside

The direct relationship between spectators and actors is what has guided several choices and changes in the transformation of the former Enny Bag factory. The sliding volumes constitute the concept of the project, shapingt he interior space and generating always different plastic solutions, revealing movement mechanisms. .The decision to carry out this project stems from… Continua a leggere The theatre goes to the countryside